GB-SOFT for Windows Mobile PE

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for HTC DIAMOND & Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1

GPRS-EDGE-UMTS-HSDPA under control,
Simple installation & Control panel


Version 10.07.2008
is only for Windows Mobile 6.1

GPRS-EDGE-UMTS-HSDPA always On/Off switch

Install - download :

Run on WM6.1  GB-SOFT_GPRS-UMTS_Tweak_WM6.1_Diamond.CAB

GB-SOFT Tweak is after install and soft reset in Settings / System

Auto turn off GPRS = more battery life?
GPRS go OFF if Microsoft Direct Push & Live Messenger is OFF
OPERA and YOU TUBE block the connections.
GPRS go OFF if OPERA & YT terminated {no minimized}

Free SysLog server daemon

Geo map - downloads - GB-SOFT Tweak for Windows Mobile

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